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IT security in outsourcing: advantages

What is the most effective cybersecurity strategy to keep company data, resources, systems and networks safe? This question places SMEs in front of a choice that requires attention, maturity and awareness. The simplest solution may seem to be that of having cybersecurity managed by those who already deal with IT infrastructures , a single interlocutor who can be both an internal figure in the company and an external consultant. Behind this decision there are generally reasons of an economic nature, dictated by possible shortages of resources crest penetration testing methodology.

In fact, to make a cybersecurity strategy truly effective, it is essential to invest in specific skills and in their progressive updating, which must focus on constantly evolving threats. Furthermore, the priorities of the IT supporting the business may not align with the needs of those who must guarantee maximum protection to data, systems and employees, generating a conflict of interest that can harm the company itself.

A strategic IT security plan destined to prove valid in the long term, therefore, should consider the opportunity to rely on a Security Provider able to support companies in managing risk at three hundred and sixty degrees. Information security includes functions and needs that do not concern purely technological aspects.

The small and medium enterprises , just like large firms, are exposed to constant threats that target the security . Furthermore, the digital transformation that is involving a growing number of companies is making this risk even more extensive and concrete, requiring even small businesses that are going digital to make an extra effort to protect themselves effectively.