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Knowing Prawns: White Leg Prawn Is Delicately Flavoured

The most popular sea creature is prawns. Though most of them don’t differentiate between shrimps and prawns, prawns are still widely popular. The fact that there are different kinds of prawns and they are different in textures and meat is also known. So, what is this white leg prawn?

White tiger Prawns

White leg prawns or white tiger prawns are bigger and fleshier variants of prawns. They have moist and firm flesh. The name is because they are generally grey with blue or black coloured stripes. They often turn red when cooked and are available all year round. The white variants of tiger prawns are preferred to black tiger prawns.

Serving Techniques

Cooking over the flame, the firm meat is cooked to medium consistency. Until it becomes red and then served with mayonnaise to show the striking contrast between the colour. It is an eye appetizer as well as a mouth appetizer at this point.

Otherwise, it can be barbequed or used in the garlic prawns recipe. Some of them even cook prawns in soup as the firm flesh holds the soup consistency together and does not let it become too watery.


They are larger than the other prawn variants. The white leg prawn is normally greyish white with blue or black stripes on them. Behind their elongated shell, they hide tender yet firm meat with a  delicateflavour. This is the reason why it is preferred over the bold and sweet taste of black tiger prawns or black leg prawns.